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Shuuping says... DELICIOUSS.

DELICIOUSS - Japanese Snacks

Posted By Anonymous on Nov 20, 2009 at 4:23AM

Lotte, you may heard of this brand but not many of us know all its products. You may want to go to the Lotte Website and view the products. It's almost a hundred or even thousands. I want to share with you this product which is the Lotte Petit Bouchee. It has Chocolate flavour and Strawberry Flavour or even Vanilla, if I'm not wrong. It can even compete with the "every burger" snack shown/introduced on my last post. It has fillings of the flavour in between the soft "puff" . It's really SUGOI. Why not try it? You may even find yourself in love with this little snack introduced by me.



I think this is the Vanilla one. It's not chocolate. :)

Sorry for the misunderstanding... <*.*>

DELICIOUSS - Bourbon Japanese Snacks

Posted By Anonymous on Nov 20, 2009 at 2:02AM

My Aunt bought Bourbon Snacks from the Supermarket just yesterday for me. " Wow!" i exclaimed. The butter Cookies ( フランスバターのクッキー) were simply Fantastic! And She bought Jelly or something. It's ジュルっと果実ぶどうゼリー. It is also a Bourbon Snack. Another Cutie Snack is The " every burger" When I took my very first bite, I am in love with it... ( Well, It's only for my case. Because It's really DELICIOUSS!)

A sentence from Snackerrific.com, Japanese Snack Review : Every burger.

" The chocolate is soft, and surprisingly decent. The cookies are a nice crunchy but not hard texture." from Linda.

There are some Pictures I would like to show you.

The butter Cookies ( フランスバターのクッキー)


エブリバーガー Every Burger

Bourbon Japanese Snacks Website : http://www.bourbon.co.jp/


Posted By Anonymous on Nov 20, 2009 at 1:24AM

Astons, a great restaurant with quality food at affordable prices. I had been to the Suntec City oulet and the one at the Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Wang Wei Li


It's simply a great dining experience at Astons. The food there are GREAT. And AFF

ORDABLE. It's certainly a perfect place for you and your family to dine in.

The average cost of 2 people meals are only $ 15. At about $ 7.50, you can have Top Quality Food, isn't it good? ( The prices are just estimation.)

You may want to check the website for more details.





There is a new outlet at Orchard, Centrepoint! (ASTONS PRIME)


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